A Bit of a Large Task

October 16, 2016

As you may remember, we are in the midst of a ‘podcast series’ here at Sharpe Trade.  That discusses the topic:  “Do you Truly Understand Investing and Markets”.   We began by asking:  “Who are you listening to?” We alsodiscusssed ‘bad information’, and how easily bad information can spread.

We want to continue that particular theme in the next podcast in this series.  That is, the spread of bad information.  We will say that this series is proving to be a bit of a larger task that first envisioned.

However, if you will remember the introduction to our podcast on attention spans … we stated that we would not publish a podcast, unless we felt it was up to a higher standard.  So there may not be a podcast every weekend.  Nor are we ready to publish a podcast this Sunday.

But rest assured we are still working on the next podcast in this series.

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